Smoke Grey Polarized LensSmoke Grey Lenses*
Yellow LensPale Yellow Lenses
Yellow LensVermillion Lenses
Yellow LensClear Lenses
Yellow LensLight Rust Lenses
Smoke Grey LensLA™ Light Adjusting Smoke Grey Lenses
Smoke Green LensesSmoke Green Lenses*

*Polarized Available in Select Styles.

Your monitor settings may alter lens tint appearance.
Smoke Grey Polarized Lens - Sunny
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Smoke Grey Lenses

Maximum glare reduction. Won’t distort colors. Excellent in bright/glare conditions.

Light transmission: 14%-20% depending on frame style.

Smoke Green Lenses*

Maximum glare reduction without distorting colors. Great for general daytime use.

Light transmission: 21%.

Light Rust Lenses

Filters out most blue light waves, the chief component of glare and haze. Enhance contrast in medium to low-light conditions.

Light transmission: 60%.

Vermillion Lenses

Best for medium to low light conditions. Sharpens contrast and brightens targets.

Light transmission: 50%.

Clear Lenses

Maximum light transmission. See precise color values. Hazy or overcast, dusk/dawn conditions.

Light transmission: 89%.

LA™ Light Adjusting Smoke Grey Lenses

Darken as the brightness of the sun dictates. Maximize optical clarity.

Light transmission: 85% to 17% (in sunlight).

Pale Yellow Lenses

Best light enhancing lens tint. Enhance contrast in low to extremely low light conditions, haze, etc.

Light transmission: 86%.