by | Feb 13, 2017

    On January 30th 2017, I was riding my bike in the park with my daughter. For reasonsIMG_3497 that are still sketchy to me, somehow our bikes collided and I fell head-first into rocks.  While I sustained bruising and cuts all around where the edge of the frame ended, my eye was unharmed.  You can see how my glasses were pushed up a little on impact, but not so far up that they weren’t still covering my eye.  I don’t know if the cuts are from the frame or from the rocks I fell into, but in either case, my eye was protected. 

    I couldn’t get a really clear picture of the glasses due to reflection, but I’ve attached the best picture I could get.  The frame had a couple small pieces knocked out of it, and the lens had a deep gash on the front side…the gash was deep enough to create a ridge on the backside of the lens.     

    Based on the location and depth of the lens gash, there is no doubt if I had not been wearing my safety glasses, or worse…had been wearing non-safety glasses, I would not have a right eye.  

  • Thanks for making a quality product and saving my eyeball

    by Christel Okihara | Sep 01, 2012
    tac_sept2012_brickI recently purchased your 'Brick' style sunglasses specifically for the impact protection the lenses provide. The first day in use, I was on a training day with my motor and dumped the bike in a turn. As I jumped free, my knee hit the windshield, which was fixed in place with plastic 'breakaway' bolts. The bolts did their job and broke to save the windshield, but the bolt heads flew all directions. One forcefully struck the lens of my glasses and was deflected, leaving a long scratch. Thanks for making a quality product and saving my eyeball.

    Police Officer
  • If it was not for the quality of the eyewear I was wearing I could have lost my vision

    by Christel Okihara | Jul 01, 2012
    tac_july2012_soldierIn 2008 I was stationed overseas during OIF/OEF with the U.S. Army. One afternoon we went on Patrol and my convoy was struck by a IED. I took some scrap metal to the face and since I was wearing my Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) my vision was spared. During the event I was wearing a pair of Wiley X Glasses and if it was not for the quality of the eyewear I was wearing I could have lost my vision.


  • Remarkably my Wiley X's were still completely intact and saved my eyesight

    by Christel Okihara | Apr 01, 2012
    tac_april2012_xl1.I am a Marine that was wounded in action on June 24, 2011 while serving combat operations in Afghanistan. On the morning of June 24, while running a patrol, we took contact and I stepped on a pressure plate which took my left leg. I had broken ribs, multiple shrapnel wounds to my lower body, a fractured left eye socket and traumatic brain injury. Although it was a violent blast, remarkably my Wiley X's were still completely intact and saved my eyesight. There was a combat photographer there that day when I was getting evacuated. He took pictures of me on the stretcher being carried off the battlefield still sporting my new Wiley X's that I had shipped to me in Afghanistan just a couple weeks earlier...Unfortunately while on the bird I lost consciousness and when I woke up a week or so later my Wiley X's were nowhere to be found... I just simply would like to thank you for making a product that is reliable, a product that saved my eye sight and a product that I will always recommend to my fellow Marines that must go back into combat zones. I thank you and my family does as well.

    LCPL K Hanrahan
  • THANK YOU WILEY X for making such a strong, awesome, and affordable product

    by User Not Found | Dec 01, 2011
    tac_dec2011_sg1soldiertac_dec2011_soldierOn Dec. 4th 2006 I was was on a routine supply mission in the turret of my HMMWV when it was rocked by a 300# I.E.D. My right eardrum was blown out and perforated, I sustained a class 3 concussion/traumatic brain injury, and lots of frag to the right side of my face. Since I was wearing my WILEY X SG-1 goggles, not a single piece of shrapnel made its way into my eye. The lens was so pitted that I could no longer see through it. If I had not been wearing my SG-1 goggles, not only would I be blind, but the doctors at T.Q. Airbase said I would have lost my right eye entirely. THANK YOU WILEY X for making such a strong, awesome, and affordable product because I owe your company my ability to see.

  • Thank you for your support Wiley X

    by User Not Found | Oct 01, 2011
    Photo by Don RoseThank you for the opportunity to utilize the Wiley X Glasses (Saber Advanced) that Wiley X was so generous to support. 

    As a cyclist, I take extreme care in protecting my vision especially since having lost vision in my right eye from combat wounds. What impressed me most about the glasses were it's ability not to fog during raining and humid sessions during rides. This is important because I would of have to have removed my other glasses to see with the limited field of view that I have. I also like the wide protection across the eyes that the glasses have in this particular model. Protecting my eyes from rocks, bugs and the elements is crucial to me as a cyclist. 

    I have been training and racing with them since June and I feel they are a great addition to me gear. 

    Thank you for your support Wiley X 

    Chris Ayres
    USMC Retired
    Wounded in Line of Duty
  • It’s a great thing Wiley-X has done by supporting us: PVA Racing Team

    by User Not Found | Oct 01, 2011
    Photo by Valerie McNaryI just wanted to extend a huge thank you to the Wiley-X Company for the great pair of sunglasses (Saber Advanced). I have been using them since the Para-Cycling Nationals in Augusta, Ga. Before I always had problems with trash, rain, and sweat getting in my eyes while cycling, but now I have no problem seeing. The glasses are great, I can’t say it enough. I had a pair when I was in Iraq and they work the same here as they did out there. I use them for everything I do. Mainly cycling because they fit perfect under my helmet and I have a choice of three different lenses. Again Thanks for the sunglasses that help me see from the start of the race to the finish of each race. I will never use another brand of sunglasses again. It’s a great thing Wiley-X has done by supporting us: PVA Racing Team. Thank you,

    Tim Conner
    SGT/USMC Disabled Athlete
  • Thanks for all your support as always!

    by User Not Found | May 01, 2011
    tac_may2011_soldierHello, hope all is well at Wiley-X. I continue to see more and more guys wearing Wiley-X glasses and gloves. Bagram Air Base exchange has a great Wiley-X selection. I have been back here 17 months now and will stay through the fighting season to field a new biometric collection handheld device to get the IED makers off the roads in Regional Command-South. As you can see I am still wearing my Aries gloves and PT-3 glasses. They look good with the new OCP pattern and blend in well as you can see. The Aries will be great with the SEEK because it has a QWERTY keyboard that needs finger dexterity. Thanks for all your support as always!

    SGM Bob H
  • Thanks Wiley X for making a quality product that does what it is designed to do

    by User Not Found | Mar 01, 2011
    tac_mar2011_revolverI was working outside Najaf Iraq in 2009 as a PMC. We had been assigned to guard the barracks of a group of foreign construction workers. Around 10:00 in the morning we got a report of an unidentified vehicle approaching the gate. All personnel were told to man their post and standby. About the time I had got into my guard position, near the gate, the vehicle exploded. Suddenly from our left flank, small arms fire opened up. As I turned to engage the incoming fire, I felt a sharp slap on my head. My immediate reaction was that I had been shot, I put my hand up to my head expecting to see blood, but instead, I found my Wiley X Revolvrs had been knocked off my head. The shot had been at an angle and glanced off the side of the lenses, deflecting the bullet away from my head and eyes. Needless to say because of those Revolvrs, I am here today. Thanks Wiley X for making a quality product that does what it is designed to do.

    Steven S.
  • The unit is proud to recognize Wiley X Safety Glasses as the safety glasses of choice for the UDU

    by User Not Found | Jun 01, 2010
    tac_jun2010_soldierI just wanted to send a note of thanks and praise for your superb quality line of safety glasses. As a Team Leader/Instructor of the Los Angeles Police Department, Underwater Dive Unit, it is my duty to make sure the team members are offered the best safety equipment available. Our divers spend many hours in the direct sunlight, on the water and subject to the sunlight reflections off the water. After trying several different manufactures of safety glasses/sunglasses, the unit is proud to recognize Wiley X Safety Glasses as the safety glasses of choice for the UDU. Your product was field tested, subjected to many different scenarios and came through with flying colors. Your glasses were tough, resilient, scratch resistant and have a stylish look. The Los Angeles Police Department, Underwater Dive Unit would like to say thanks again and would recommend your glasses to any organization that requires the best that are available. If you need anything further, please contact me. Thank you,

    Sergeant II David Mascarenas
    Team Leader/Instructor, Los Angeles Police Department, Metropolitan Division, Underwater Dive Unit

  • The Aries provides great protection yet allows you to maintain ”touch and feel” when operating systems

    by User Not Found | Feb 01, 2010
    tac_feb2010_aries01tac_feb2010_aries02Your Aries gloves are “mission essential” equipment here in Afghanistan. The ability to have real “finger control” with the thumb, index, and middle finger is invaluable in operating our biometric collection devices and communications gear. The Aries provides great protection yet allows you to maintain” touch and feel” when operating systems that require same. Soldiers who now have the Aries glove want nothing else but the Aries glove. I have used WILEY-X products since 2003 and each deployment I am on your tactical glasses and gloves meet my needs for mission accomplishment. THANK YOU WILEY-X………!

    SGM, USA
  • I still keep them as a reminder to always wear the best eye protection

    by User Not Found | Jul 01, 2009
    Your glasses saved my vision. I was traveling in a convoy headed west out of Baghdad when we were stopped by a road block. In just a few minutes we started receiving fire from the south side of the road and the vehicles in front of me were destroyed. I was trying to turn around when the glass in my vehicle exploded with gunfire. I was shot in the left leg, shattering my femur, but my glasses stayed intact through all of the flying glass and debris. The rubber trim helped to keep out the small stuff and although I had small cuts on my face, my eyes were in perfect shape. I didn't even have to worry about the blazing sun in my eyes while I was being evacuated. Too scratched up to wear them anymore. I still keep them as a reminder to always wear the best eye protection. Sincerely,

    Kevin S
  • Good idea by the Wiley X company

    by User Not Found | Jun 01, 2009
    tac_june2009_hybridI have used the Wiley X gloves, with removable knuckle (Wiley X Hybrid). They have proven to be versatile and reliable. I used them during weapons qual this weekend without the knuckle and they did not interfere at all. They actually provided a very good grip and I had no problem qualifying. I leave the removable knuckles in when I wear the gloves in the field and I can hardly tell that they are there. Good idea by the Wiley X company. Thanks for letting me use them.

    C.S. Jensen 2-108th IN
  • Overall, I’m very pleased with the Orion Flight Gloves and prefer to use them on missions

    by User Not Found | Jun 01, 2009
    tac_june2009_soldierI have flown the last six weeks using the Wiley X Orion Flight Gloves and absolutely enjoy them. They provide all the protection and specs as the government issued flyers gloves, but they are more lightweight and breathable in the 110 degree heat of Iraq. The Orion gloves have reinforced leather on the palm / meat of the hand and a smart full length leather wrapped around the fingertips. I believe the full leather tips is great for extending the life of the flight gloves since we constantly use our fingers to input data to the onboard systems and that’s the first thing to fail in our issued flight gloves. Overall, I’m very pleased with the Orion Flight Gloves and prefer to use them on missions.


  • Thanks for making a product that saved my skin

    by User Not Found | Apr 01, 2009
    tac_april2009_soldierAs the breacher for our entry team, I wear the Wiley X CAG-1 gloves. During a training session this year, I was breaching a front door to an older vacant residence. During the breach, the door gave, and my hand broke through the glass. The hardened knuckles on the gloves saved my hand from being cut on the jagged glass. There was a scrape on the knuckles of the glove, and if I were not wearing them, I would have undoubtedly sustained some deep cuts to my hand. Thanks for making a product that saved my skin.

  • Thank you for those glasses

    by User Not Found | Mar 01, 2009
    tac_mar2009_soldierI went to Afghanistan, was in a convoy and got ambushed. The insurgents shot an RPG into the back of our Hummvee which caused shrapnel to hit me in the head. Due to me wearing the PT1's none of the pieces hit my eyes. I'm recovering now from my wounds, but I just wanted to say thank you for those glasses. If I hadn't been wearing them I might have lost an eye.

    1SG David

  • Tough doesn't come close to describing these glasses

    by User Not Found | Dec 23, 2008
    tac_dec2008_romerI am a Jet Engine Mechanic in the Military, and was issued a set of Romer IIs as safety glasses. Tough doesn't come close to describing these glasses. While I was making an adjustment to a running jet engine the fan exhaust ripped the Romers off my face. I shrugged and figured oh well there goes a good set of glasses and pressed on with the engine run. After about an hour we shut the jet down. When I was doing my post-run inspection I found the glasses clinging to a cable next to the engine's tailpipe. Needless to say, this is a very hot and windy(supersonic at times)area of the engine. To my shock, the frames were intact; albeit a little distorted and scuffed. We located one lens about 150 feet away at the wing tip; the other one was probably blown into the stratosphere after hitting the blast fence behind the jet! I was absolutely amazed that the amber lenses fit back in the frame, and with some light tweaking they fit back on my face. I am very active off-duty, and Wiley X will have a lifelong customer!
  • Thank you for our support of law enforcement and for making such a quality product

    by User Not Found | Dec 01, 2008
    tac_dec2008_romerSeveral years ago I was a police officer and was introduced to Wiley X products through a fellow trainee in the academy who was personal friends with a high ranking member of your staff. I purchased my first products then and enjoyed the quality and customer service I received. Since then I have been a Wiley X customer and unofficial spokesperson to other fellow officers. On 12/18/2007 I was responding to a death investigation crime scene and was hit nearly head on by a civilian driver while on duty. At the time of the collision I was wearing my Romer II's and they protected my eyes from a spray of glass from the side vehicle windows. The glass was traveling so fast that fragments and chips embedded into the lens of the glasses, and my face but my eyes were safe thanks to my Wiley's. I'm sure you guys have received other stories of "saves" by your product that were much more dramatic, but definitely no more appreciated than mine. Thank you for our support of law enforcement and for making such a quality product.

    Detective Joseph
  • Thank you for helping me do my job and for protecting my eyes!

    by User Not Found | Oct 01, 2008
    tac_oct2008_sg1My name is Steve and I am a Canadian soldier. I am writing to you, to express my gratitude and satisfaction with your product. While in Afghanistan, the Wiley X SG-1 protected my eyes, on numerous occasions. I would like to share with you, a few short stories of situations in which your product saved my eyes. While serving on a seven month tour in Afghanistan, I received a pair of WileyX SG-1’s from a friend of who highly recommended them. As my tour went on I became a fan of the product and started recommending them to others. I liked that the glasses didn't fog up, kept the dust out, easily changed from dark to clear lenses and the lenses didn't scratch. These simple qualities are nothing, compared to what lied ahead. I was involved in a suicide vehicle born improvised explosive device. In the after math there were pieces of shrapnel and glass everywhere. I was exposed to the blast from the waist up and I received glass and shrapnel to the face, but thankfully the SG-1, despite the force of a huge explosion, remained on my face and saved my eyes. Everyone in my crew had been wearing eye protection goggles, but I was the only one who still had them on after the blast, as everyone else's had been taken off, from the force of the blast. As the tour went on we were involved in a second IED (Improvised Explosive Device). The IED was so large it destroyed the vehicle we were riding in. I suffered numerous injuries, but once again my SG-1 stayed in place and prevented debris from entering my eyes. Once again I was the only one to still have my protective eyewear on after a blast. As luck would have a little more than a month later I was involved in a third IED even bigger than the last. At the time of the explosion I was looking through my sight. My right eye bounced off it causing cuts all around my eye except for were my SG-1 goggles wear saving my eyes once again. For the third time I was the only one to keep my protective eyewear on. The injuries I sustained from this blast were enough to keep me from going on any more missions. I sustained fairly severe injuries from head to toe and aside from a black eye, my eyes were protected and I have no vision problems at all. It was important for me to send this letter to express my gratitude towards your product. I am a strong believer in your products and recommend them to everyone. I decided to retire the original pair that I had and buy a replacement pair. I felt that the first pair had been through enough and could use a break. Thank you so much for producing good quality products. I have no doubt that if I had been wearing any other type of eye protection, I would have likely had some eye damage, or even perhaps lost sight in my eyes. Thank you for helping me do my job and for protecting my eyes!
  • The soldiers love the reinforced knuckles and find any excuse to test them out on anything

    by User Not Found | Oct 01, 2008
    tac_oct2008_cag1I've been impressed with how the gloves have performed. Since we've arrived in country I have not seen a single stitch break or any other signs of wear aside from getting dirty and scratched up.

    The soldiers love the reinforced knuckles and find any excuse to test them out on anything. The gloves fit well and are comfortable as well.

    So far I like these gloves more than any I've had in the past (probably about 5 different pairs). There is a lot of interest in the gloves from soldiers now I just need to convince higher to spend the money to get them for us.

    CPT T
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